Morocco Morning news

By: Mckenzie Milligan

Welcome to Morocco

Welcome to Morocco. Our wonderful country is located in Northern Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco was discovered in 1956, and has many resources including phosphates, iron ore, and salt. Morocco has imported manufactured goods, and imported foods into the country. One of our special events is the Feast of the Throne day on March 3. It celebrates the Kings Ascension to the throne. People here enjoy playing soccer and many other sports. Most people here in Morocco speak Arabic or French.

What is Happening in Morocco?


I bet you don't know the real definition of aquifer. A aquifer is a underground rock layer that water flows through. Morocco has many aquifers around the country. Some have more water than other. But some are deeper than others as well. To the right you see a map of all the aquifers in Morocco. They cover up most of the country.

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About the Author: The author of this article is Mckenzie Milligan. She is in 7th grade and is 12 years old.


Some of you probably don't know what an embargo is. An embargo is an order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country. That means you may not trade with another country. Russia has an embargo on Morocco on food. None of the Russian food is traded to Morocco. The picture to the left is some food Morocco trades.

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What are Egypts main crops? Some of Egypts main crops include sugar cane, fruits, and grains. Even though it is sandy, these crops still manage to grow. Egypt also uses the for imports, exports and trading.

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Who were the Berbers? The Berbers were the first known people to live in north Africa. No one knows if anyone was there before them. If there were people there before the Berbers, no one has ever found anything

Question 3

What is OPEC? OPEC is the organization of petroleum exporting countries. OPEC keeps control of all the petroleum that is traded. It also handles the amount of money petroleum is traded for.