Anti Bullying


What bullying is

Bullying is when someone is constantly is doing something you don't like, but if its once in a while its not bullying its just being mean!

Types Of Bullying

There Are a Few different Ways To BULLY

The Ways Are......

  1. Verbal Bullying
  2. Physical Bullying
  3. Cyber Bullying
  4. Social Bullying

Be a BUDDY not a BULLY

There are people who hurt others in different ways because they been bullied by others and they want others to feel the same way they felt.

So treat others the way you want to be treated .

Social Bullying

Social Bullying is when you are gossiping about people or

spreading rumors and saying things to other people

that are bad or not true about a

another person and

making fun of

people be

hide their backs.


Bystanders are people that see the bullying but don't stop

the Bully normally because they are scared about

what may happen to them .

Don't Bully Or Be A Bystander

So stand up for your self and help others