Bioime : Taiga

Environmental Science Biome Project

By: Scott Hines, Alex Ramirez, Gael Kamara, and Earl Frye

The Taiga Biome

Taiga Climate:

The Taiga climate is very cold. Ther are only 4 months of the year with a temp. over 50 degrees Ferrienheit. Also, the Taiga has year around percipitation which can eaither bring light snow in the winter or heavy rains during the summer months.

Average Temperature:

During the summer the average temperature is aroung 50 degrees fahrenheit and in the winter the average temperature drops to 26.6 degrees fahrenheit. The highest temperature recorded in a Taiga is 104 degrees fahrenheit.

Average Rainfall:

The Taiga receives rainfall year around and most of it falls during the summer. The average rainfall is 12-33 inches annually.


Animals have developed thick fur to adapt to the cold climate in the region. The Coniferous trees in the area grow tall and have needle like leaves to prevent snow to break the branches.