Helen Edwards Friday Focus

December 18, 2015

During this Holiday Time....

During the next few weeks, take this time to focus on your family and the true meaning of Christmas. Try to push aside the urge to get on Teachers Pay Teachers, Pinterst (for school purposes), or work on lesson plans. I know this isn't going to be easy for some of you, as there are always staff members who want to come up on weekends or holidays to work in your room. As temping as it may seem to work from home or come up and get a few things done in your classrooms....DON'T! You need this down time and your families need you. (Also, the building wont be open!) Go do something new that you may have never done before with your family or make plans with some old friends that you haven't seen in a while. Make some new memories!! Relax over a good book or start that crafty project you have been thinking of doing since the past summer. This is YOUR time, so embrace it and enjoy yourself!

Once we get back from the holidays, feel free to laminate, copy, paint, glitter, sparkle, and shine in your classrooms! In fact, our instructional time will be highly guarded and we will hit the ground running! There will always be projects to finish up, work to complete, and documentation to submit, but for these next two week.....relax, unwind, and enjoy the holidays.

Look at these beautiful SMILES!!!

Teacher of the Year.....Mrs. Zan Turner!!!

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~Upcoming Events~

Mark Your Calendar

January 4: Staff Meeting @ 9:00

January 6: Report Cards go out

January 12 or 13: Curriculum Visitor

January 22: Bilingual Lunch & Learn

December / January Birthdays

December 21: Melanie Bowers

December 21: Janie Hardie

December 23: Wendy Dawson

December 27: Sarah Blackmon

January 4: Sue Ross

January 10: Loretta Petsch

January 19: Tiffany Wolfe

January 21: Julie Harris

January 28: Zan Turner

Pledge for the Week of January 5-8.....Mrs. Roberts' Class!

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