Yupik tribe

By:Ryan Werni

Where they live and what they live in.

My group is the Yupi tribe and they live in the arctic regions up by Canida.

The Yupik live in igloos made of snow. There are also houses they live in that are made of hides, whale bone sod and drift wood.

What they did.

Some things the Yupik did was have spirit ceremonies. The Yupik believed that spirits lived among them and had ceremonies to worship them.

Some of there tools.

Some of the tools they used were harpoons which were made of wood and stone. Some other things they used were knifes made of bones, a wood bow and arrow and a stone knife.

What they ate.

The Yupik ate many kinds of things including fish, seals, whales and caribou along with many different kinds of plants and berries. They got there food using the tools they made.

Fun facts

Many types of transportation uses wee skis, kayaks, snowshoes and dogsleds.