President Andrew Jackson

Hero to Common People

Became a hero at Battle of new Orleans

In the war of 1812 during the battle of new Orleans the word that the war was over had not been heard yet, therefor the battle went on and Andrew Jackson defeated a large group of British soldiers making him a war hero.

Killing The National Bank

President Andrew Jackson didn't like the national bank because it only loaned to the wealthy not the farmers and common man, so with his power to veto he vetoed the renewal of the bank.

Earned His Way to presidency

unlike Andrew Jackson's competitors Jackson was born a common man not wealthy and educated well, but that didn't stop him from running for president, in his campaign he was known as old hickory for his toughness during the battle of new Orleans.

Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon shows Andrew Jackson slaying a many headed monster,what its supposed to represent is Andrew Jackson slaying the renewal of the national bank.