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October 20-24

Kimberly Smith

Lower School Teacher
Skype: icademyksmith

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Looking for Extra Ideas on How to be a More Successful Learning Coach?

We will be offering Coach to Coach sessions each month over the school year. This a great time to log in and learn from other learning coaches or teachers about how to be successful. Sometimes hearing how other families structure their day, or work on different subjects, can help you to create positive changes in your routine. Do you have something great that you would like to share?? Just let me know and we would love to have any of our learning coaches share ideas.
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How to Find Extended Problems: Reasoning In Math Purple, Red, or Yellow

Here is a short video on how to find the Extended Problems Worksheets for Math Purple, Red, or Yellow.

Did you Know that K12 has many great apps in the mobile app stores?

If you have an iPad, Kindle, tablet, etc. that you allow your kids to use, they may be missing out on some really cools apps that K12 offers. You should visit the full list at

Many of the Apps are FREE, with only a couple that cost a few dollars.

There is an app for each grade level in K-2 that has all of the K12 Classic Reader Stories. They include the pictures and the story can be read aloud.

Also check out the fun math apps like K12 Choc-It-Up or xGerms Addition

Important Blackboard Update

There have been some new updates for Blackboard Collaborate. Instructions have been sent out in the kmail. It is important that you download this new Launcher software before October 6th, 2014.

Visit one of the K12 Class Connect Configuration Rooms at:

If the above room is full, please utilize room 2

Make sure you choose the appropriate software, either Windows or Mac.

Important Dates

10/21/14 Policy and Procedure Meetings- Must attend 1 a year

11/11/14- Veteran's Day- No School

11/26/14-11/28/14- Fall Break

Progress Goals 2014-2015 School Year

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Progress Goals 2013-2014 School Year

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Kids Corner

Weekly Riddle

Journal Entry:

There are many reasons why people like you. Everyone is unique and special. What makes you a good friend?

Riddle of the week:

What's the best thing to put into pumpkin pie?

Last week:

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Boo who?

Don’t cry. It’s only a joke.

October Fun Facts

1. The birthstones for October are the tourmaline and the opal.

2. The zodiac signs for October are Libra (September 23 - October 22) and Scorpio (October 23 - November 21).

3. The birth flower for October is the calendula.

4. On October 1, 1896, free rural delivery of mail started in the United States.

5. On October 4, 1957, the first artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union.

6. On October 5, 1947, the first presidential telecast address from the White House was made by Harry S. Truman.

7. On October 7, 1816, the Washington (first double-decked steamboat) arrived at New Orleans.

8. On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in America.

9. On October 18, 1867, The U.S. flag was formally raised over Alaska.

10. On October 22, 1836, Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first president of the Republic of Texas.

11. On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state of the United States.

12. National Cookie Month

13. National Chili Month

14. National Pizza Month

15. National Dessert Month

    1. National Breast Cancer Month

17. Lupus Awareness Month

18. National Seafood Month

19. November 5 - World Teacher's Day

20. Columbus Day - second Monday of October

21. October 31 - Halloween

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October Birthdays

1st- Kortney

15th- Mrs. Smith

16th- Kira

17th- Ava Lea

31st- Bryson

K12 International Academy News and Events

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There are new work sample requirements for grades 3-5. I will be going over these with each family individually, but I want you to be able to look over them here as well.

These assignments MUST be turned into me to be graded.

3 Math Assignments and 3 Reading/Writing Assignments

You will scan and save them as pdf, or take a picture and save as a jpeg. Then you will send them to me with the new File Sharing Option in the OLS.

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Work Samples to Be Turned In for K-2

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