Internet Safety

Learn how to protect yourself as your surfing the web!

Identity Theft

  • Well when there is a man and a woman, they are married, so they will have credit cards so they can not lose their money.
  • However, there can be thieves that will steal their credit cards by the internet, and the outside unknown world.
  • They can steal your credit cards physically by taking your wallet, or getting your information on the web.
  • So to counter this evil feat, you must take precaution.
  • Such as making a complicating passwords, keeping your social security number a secret and out of your wallet and somewhere safe.
  • Also, make sure someone trustworthy is watching your purse in case you need to leave it somewhere so no old guy will steal it.

Read what everything says before you sign up for something.

  • Most people do not read the terms and policies
  • Make sure it is private to those who don't know you
  • Make sure your not going on malware sites