Global Climate Change

the earths average surface temperature is getting hotter.

What is global climate change and global warming?

Global Warming and Global Climate change- the average earth’s temperature is getting warmer because of all the emissions we are letting out into the atmosphere.

Why is this happening?

The atmosphere is being ruined by Carbon Dioxide and methane gas. The emissions from fossil fuels ruin the atmosphere and the heat from the gasses gets trapped and drops back down to earth.

Why does this matter?

There are many consequences from global climate change:

  • glaciers are melting, less hunting ground for polar bears

  • polar ice caps are melting

  • drier and hotter- increase in deserts

  • sea levels are rising

  • New England is getting warmer

  • maple trees are dying

specific actions a middle schooler can take to help reduce their carbon emissions?

Some actions that a middle schooler can do to help reduce global climate change are:

- grow own vegetables and fruits

- plant a tree- helps remove CO2 greenhouse gases

- change old lightbulbs to new fluorescent light bulbs

- turn off TV, lights, computers when not in use

- turn off anything that is charging

- try not to use an air conditioner, use fans instead

- walk or ride your bike when you can

- recycle

- use tap water

- drink from reusable cups

- save water


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