Morning Notes

Tuesday 01 December, 2015

Note to Students

Please do not leave your backpacks in the reception area over off campus or PE. Your bags can be stored in your lockers.

Drama Rehearsals

This week's drama rehearsals will be held in the Council Room.

Tuesday 01 December: Cameron, Dada, Grade 9 girls, Ellery

Wednesday 02 December: Ellery, Anne-Marie, Dada, Javier, Manuel, Alex, Izzy

Thursday 03 December: Octavia, Cosmo, Grade 9 girls

Ofsted Questionnaire

Dear Students,

This note is sent to you on behalf of Ofsted. Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) inspects the education in your school.

We would like you to complete this online questionnaire to help us understand how well your school looks after you and educates you.

Here is a link to the online questionnaire we would like you to fill in.

Information on how we will use your answers to the questionnaire is available at the link above.

You can complete this questionnaire online between Monday 2 November 2015 and Friday 11 December 2015. After this date the questionnaire will close.

If you would like some more information about this questionnaire or would like a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call us on 0300 123 1231 or email us at

Thank you for completing our questionnaire. Your views will be very helpful to us.

Kind regards

Sarah Tiernan

Inspection Support Manager

Halcyon Winter Dance

Students in the advisory of "Hubbub", have organised a winter dance for our school and community friends. Please sign-up here! Their aim is to raise money for Mary's Meals. £12.20 can feed two children for a year and their goal is to feed 60 young people. Funds will come from the dance entry fees and your contributions to this site.

This is a festive season for children of many faiths. Food is such a big part of traditional celebrations! It is hard for us to realise that many children may be going without food during this happy holiday season. You can make a difference to these young people by making a donation...Plus the government will match you £ for £ up until December 28th for every £ raised. So please be generous and watch our fund raising efforts grow.

International Night, Halcyon International Family Showcase!

This Thursday! 1730 - 2000.

Bring your favourite foods, games and costumes from your home country. A great night for your whole family!

Holiday Events!

Dear Students,

On Wednesday 09 December, I, Daphni in Grade 11, will be hosting a few events in light of the holiday season which will involve:

  • Festive jumper day

  • Secret Santa three days Monday to Wednesday (you can leave your gifts in the area outside the Teacher’s area)

  • Holiday card-making session

If you would like to take part in the festive jumper day, please come to school on Wednesday 09 December in a festive jumper and donate £1. All the money will be donated to Cancer Research UK, a charity which helps fund cancer research. If you would like to take part in Secret Santa, please sign- up here. Please sign up today! (teachers too!)

If you would like to participate in the holiday card-making session, come to S02 during lunch time on Wednesday 09 December. All the cards made will be sent to an elderly home, the one visited by GIN!

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Lunch clubs

Learning Space in B01

Halcyon Ezine Club in M01

S&A Club in S02

Youth Speaks in T02

This weeks off campus

Tuesday, Grade 11

Wednesday, Grades 9 and 11

Thursday, Grades 8 and 11

Friday, Grades 7 and 11

Mother tongue


Maga and Allegra, German in F01

Akira, Japanese in F02

Gabriel and Elliott, French in M02

Martina and Mathilde, Italian in S01

Private Lessons


Fra, piano with Nick Pope in F04


Sasha, piano with Nick Pope in F04

After School Activities

Learning Space in the Hub

Swedish Club in S01

Drama Club in second floor space

Today's lunch menu

Main Dish Option One

Butternut squash, sweet potato and chickpea tagine (GF) with rice

Main Dish Option Two

Falafel wraps with grilled veg

Main Dish Option Three

Garden vegetable soup

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Chickpea salad

Tabbouleh salad

Hard boiled eggs


Seasonal fruits

How was your lunch this week?

Please take a moment to complete this survey on what you like and sharing with us your ideas on how we can improve.

We highly value your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!