GOC Weekly Instructional Update

News for the week of Monday, November 5

News & Updates

Mini 2 is well underway and we are rapidly approaching Interims. Interims for select GOC Mini 2 classes will be given on November 13. Please check the Interim schedule for your class(es)' Interim time. http://www.gwinnettonlinecampus.com/goc/interim-schedule/ . If you have any questions, please contact your department chair.

As we approach the midpoint of our term, please make sure that you are calling the parents of your struggling full-time and program students. Calls for students with D&F averages should be made every other week. Calls should also be made if a student's average drops significantly between call dates. And, as you know, please document everything about your phone calls to parents. Please loop Tinisha Parker or Lindsey Brown in on full-time student concerns and loop the local school site coordinators in on program student concerns.

The last day for Mini 2 tuition program students to drop classes is November 29. Please make sure and discuss the drop option with your students and notify your department chair prior to 11/29 of anyone who needs to be dropped. Again, this is only for tuition students.

Teacher Spotlight

Kathy Batten

Kathy Batten is an adjunct instructor in GOC's math department. Kathy has taught for 33 years - 25 of those years at North Gwinnett High School - and has been an adjunct instructor for GOC for the last 4 years. Kathy also serves as the North Gwinnett High School online site coordinator. Kathy has been married to her husband Jim for 29 years and they have two daughters, Jessica and Lindsay. In her spare time, Kathy enjoys reading and playing with her two Shih Tzu's Gracie and Buddy.

Instructional Spotlight

GOC at its best!


Jenny Cote

Congratulations to Jenny Cote for being chosen as the GOC 2012 Middle School Teacher of the Year!

Veronica Crawford

Congratulations to Veronica Crawford for being selected as part of the GCPS Teachers as Leaders class of 2012-2013!

Amy Hayes

Congratulations to Amy Hayes for being selected as a finalist for the iImpact KSU Master Teacher Fellowship!

Paul Johnson

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Johnson for being chosen as the GCPS and the Georgia state Counseling Advocate of the Year!

Tinisha Parker

Congratulations to Tinisha Parker for being chosen as the GCPS and Georgia state Secondary Counselor of the Year!

Dr. Daundria Phillips

Congratulations to Dr. Phillips on the publication of her book It's Elementary!

Kristin Sokol

Congratulations to Kristin Sokol for being chosen as the GOC 2012 High School Teacher of the Year!

Joys & Concerns

Karen Febles

Please keep Karen Febles in your thoughts as she helps her mother recover from pneumonia.

Marisa Kana

Please keep Marisa Kana in your thoughts as she recovers from surgery.

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