Catholic Care

by Josh A and Tayla B

What They Do

They do-Counselling. Pre-Marriage and Relationship Education. Family Dispute Resolution (or Family Mediation). Early Intervention Services for Children with moderate to severe disabilities. Post Separation Services. Natural Fertility Services. Family violence and Anger management programs. Counselling and groupwork services for people affected by problematic alcohol and other drugs use and their family members. Pastoral services for people with HIV/AIDS, their families and carers.In all decisions relating to a child or young person, CatholicCare will give primary consideration to the best interests of the child or young person.Every effort will be made to determine and comply with the child or young person’s wishes in regard to decisions that affect their lives. CatholicCare is committed to the view that the child’s family is the best environment for the promotion of a child’s development and every effort must be made to try and keep families together. CatholicCare acknowledges that work with children, young people and families under stress is an important responsibility. Caring for and supporting our staff, foster carers and volunteers is considered essential to ensure the continuation of quality service provision.

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