PACK Update

Student Edition-May 18, 2020

And here are your weekly announcements....

Distance Learning style!!

ARIS Weekly Announcements 518

--Leaders of the PACK!!--

Hi Wolves! It's time to elect the leaders of next year's Wolfpack. Please watch our candidates' speeches in the Video Announcements and then vote for the person who you think would do the best job of leading Ramirez next year. You must be logged into your student email account and you are allowed to vote once. Voting closes Thursday, May 21st at 9 p.m. and results will be announced next week! Good luck to all of our amazing candidates, and thank you to our Pack for participating in this important decision.

--ASB Election!!--

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--Teacher SHOUT Outs!--

From Mrs. Olson-Sebby . you have awesome participation!! Keep it up!!

From Ms. Heyne- Shout out to Alexis W., Michelle G., and Emily D. for participating the most in Distance Learning from our class. Great job!!

From Mrs. Olson-William H. YOU are doing a great job with Distance Learning!! So proud!!

From Mrs. Knox-Check out these awesome Anne Frank one-pagers!!

--Update: PBIS Points!--

Wondering what will happen to all of those unused PBIS points from this year? Great news for 7th graders! We will be able to roll all unused PBIS points over to next year so you can use them as an 8th grader!!

Unfortunately, 8th grade points will expire at the end of this school year. We apologize for the situation as we know you earned every point for being an AMAZING pack member!!

--Counselor's Corner--

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Who are we?

Ramirez is a model school where learning is the only option. We provide an environment that is safe and caring, rigorous and engaging. We ensure all students learn with the supports provided. We know that our strength as a school is found in our collaborative spirit.

We value relationships, high expectations and support. We work hard to incorporate these each and every day!