Minecraft the stroy

By Moi

Minecraft the story (part one) Teetsuuuuoooo!

Before the time of minecraft there was a huge disater and the whole world was going to break intill minecraft came to earth and the world was saved. (if your confused the world turns to minecraft)

5 years later

Minecraft was so awesome. In the world there was so many creations its unbelievable it’s the…

Awwwwwww no The world is going to be destoryed because of creepers thers so many there’s like 100,000,000 of them but one minecraft man is going to slay the creepers he's name is Steve oh no steve just died now who is going to save the world. One day four kids named Ethan, James, Josh and Declan came to join the D.A.C.F (destory all creepers force) and now there are going to destroy the creepers and the creeper king its going to die.

Now stay tuned for part 2

Minecraft the story (part two) Jump up,jump up and get down!

Now its up to four friends to save the world from the creepers but… there is a game called minecraft because of the world is minecraft and the four are playing right now so I’m going to tell them to get off there butts and save the world. The four friends are now going to join the D.A.C.F but there dog is at home a crepper hateing dog (yes they have a dog sorry I dident tell you L) this dog is there best friend so on there way back there pass justice crew and there offed them a ride to the house and the four get there dog and get back into justice crew’s tour bus and now there off the the D.A.C.F and they join so does justice crew.

Three weeks later

Eveyone in the D.A.C.F are destorying the creepers and justice crew is playing there new song boom boom.

Now stay tuned for part three

Minecraft the story(part three) teeted around

Oh no the creepers are glowing now there going biger now…whats this ethan,james,josh and declan are changing there going stonger then the creepers and the 4 has destoryed the creepers now all that's left is the king creeper…dum dum duuuuuuuuummmm…he is huge the creeper is as big as the bigest hotel wait wait he's falling down now the super stong. The 4 picks him up and throws him the the

sea and a huge exploed happened its

The end maybe??

Oh wait this story

is going to be contined