Were Sand is Gold

About Mauritania

Mauritania is a land about desert and ocean. Mauritania is an Islamic Republic. People in the North are very conservative and quite reserved. The Southern part of the country is filled with friendly people, and they are very welcoming.

Places to see in Mauritania


Eating in Mauritania is an exciting and rich experience. Food in Mauritania has many different styles with thousands of great restaurants in all the major cities and towns of Mauritania. All of them seem to boast about one chef or another, which is good, but for most of us we want to get down to eating. In addition, food in Nouakchott and other Mauritanian tourist resorts is not restricted to traditional Mauritanian delights. Cuisine from all over the world can be found in Mauritania, including Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and other international tastes. Fast food chains are rising in popularity due to convenience and their family oriented style.