MyEdBC News

June 23, 2015

Opportunities Ahead

MyEducation will continue as currently deployed. Ongoing fine tuning of processes to improve functionality will continue. Teachers will have the opportunity to use the gradebook if they choose, but only standardized report cards are required. Teachers using the gradebook can also provide what is called "Pages" to their students that could include calendars, assignments, and information. Next year we will also be exploring the use of digital portfolios as a component of communicating student learning
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Communicating with Students and Parents

Next year, schools can use the communication features of MyEducation BC. Teachers can create assignments in the grade book and have them show in a calendar. Folders to store the assignments are also available so that students have their work readily available at home or school. Teachers can use pages to communicate information to students. When a student logs into their account, they get reminders of overdue assignments and can any marks that the teachers have made public.

Student access to the portal can be activated but we are not opening the parent portal until we have had the opportunity to dialogue with teachers about how to use it to share information with parents. If parents wish to view the students’ account, they will need to log in using their child’s account until the full portal is released. Teachers can send an email either to a single student or the whole class making this a powerful communication tool in a safe environment. Students can also save files and hand in assignments.

Two hours of training will be available to schools wanting to try the student portal in MyEducation BC. Please contact David Ennis if your school wants to participate as there is set up required to create the necessary accounts.

Thank you all for your work with MyEducation BC this year. We look forward to working with you to learn more about this powerful software.

Jun Kim

Meet Jun Kim. For the past eight years, Jun has been working as a Systems Analyst in SD34. He has implemented our IBM Cognos Business Intelligence servers & SD34's Data warehouse.

Jun's role in MyEducation BC is enforcing data integrity and managing databases based on MyEdBC data. Much of his time is spent developing ad-hoc and trend reports that support decision-making activities in SD34. Other tasks include providing information to various systems such as Active Directory, Cognos, Synrevoice, Learn Now BC, School Cash Online, Destiny..etc. Currently he is a member of provincial task force team for MyEducation BC application extensions/ enhancements.

Year End Reports and PSR Cards Update

As the year draws to an end, we have decided to print PSR cards and report cards as they are currently displaying in the MyEducation program. We are aware that for some students there continue to be some inaccuracies due to the multiple conversions of districts. While we are disappointed that the corrections are not complete, we have simply run out of time so we will proceed with the current data. Hopefully the major conversion in the summer will correct this; but for now, let's celebrate the great work done by staff in a range of positions, at all sites, who have done their best in these challenging circumstances. Thanks for all your hard work.

Shelley Wilcox
Director of Technology