Early Civilizations

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Government is an important accomplishment because colonies might have died off and not have spread without government. Government kept people under control and organize agriculture. Even though agriculture came before government, it wasn't very organized. Government helped organize the distribution of crops and organize specialties.


Agriculture is an important accomplishment after government because government controlled the distribution of crops and who farms. Agriculture allowed us to have a surplus of food which we could store and use it at later time. It also allowed us to obtain food a different way which allowed us to be sedentary and not have to hunter and gather anymore. Agriculture also brought cultures together through trade by spreading agriculture to other early settlements through cultural diffusion and the other settlements could also settle down in one place.

Specialization of Labor

With the surplus of food, we didn’t need as many farmers, so they started specializing in other areas. It was important for them to change their job because if you specialize in different areas you can have a well balanced civilization. So they started specializing in areas such as artisans, warriors and government. Without the surplus of food from agriculture, most people would still be farmers and wouldn’t branch out to other areas.


Trade was important because people could get supplies that they either couldn't provide for themselves. This made cultures grow and learn about different traditions. People could also make new colonies around the trade routs. This helped spread civilization. Members could afford luxury goods obtained through long-distance trade. Even though specialization of labor was branched off of trade, specialization of labor is more important because it made people realize that we needed to trade certain goods that some people couldn’t make/produce themselves.

Invention of writing

The invention of writing was important because it helped government write laws and made sure people were following them. It also helped agriculture because they wrote their tracking of all of the crops and when the seasons occur to see when the crops will grow. The invention of writing also helped during war times so the forces could get instructions from the government officials. Invention of writing was needed because of all of the things above. They needed writing for laws, keeping track of seasons, trade etc.