Exclusion Brainstorming

Learning Strategy #13 By Mackenzie Miller

What is Exclusion Brainstorming?

  • Determines what students already know about a topic by activating background knowledge
  • Students are given a list of words and phrases, and are asked to decide whether they do or do not relate to the topic that they are discussing
  • After learning about the topic, students figure out whether or not they put the words into the correct category

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Why Use Exclusion Brainstorming?

  • Prereading Strategy
  • Prereading activates background knowledge and introduces key vocabulary
  • Provides the students with a goal because they have something to look for when learning about the topic at hand

How to use exclusion brainstorming

1. Prepare a word list

2. Read the list with students.

3. Learn about the topic.

4. Check the list.

when to use exclusion brainstorming

Because this instructional activity is a prereading activity, this students would do the brainstorming before they learn about the topic, and then go back over their list afterwards. For example, if a class was reading a book about the Revolutionary War, they would be given a list of words that either had to do with the war or didn't, and be asked to figure out which words went under which category.
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Common Core State Standards for ELA: Exclusion Brainstorming

  • Students draw on information from background knowledge and multiple print and digital sources.
  • Students determine the meaning of academic vocabulary as they participate in exclusion brainstorming activities.