Media Minutes

From the Media Center at Woodlawn Middle, Dec. 2015

"Self Circulation Station" opens at WMS

Students are excited about using the "Self Circulation Station" now open in the library media center. Ms. Chambers provides demonstrations on use of the system, with a goal to promote more student-centered, independent users of reading, research, and use of the media center. There is also instruction on how to use Destiny to access student accounts online and monitor what books have been checked out. Students must use their BCPS-One IDs for self-circulation, and they must use their log-ins/passwords to access their info in Destiny.

It was a virtual jungle out there!

The two sixth World Cultures teachers (Ms. Longstreet and Ms. Harris) combined classes in the media center to share resources and computers, so students could research ways to save the Amazon Rainforest. Students then created public service announcements on the issue. More than 160 students participated in the project over ten days. They will earn student service hours.....and a fantastic grade. Ms. Harris' advanced learners will also be creating either a tri-fold poster, a diorama, or a terrarium.

LibraryTrac Figures:

Below are LibraryTrac figures for the number of student visits--with their classes--- to the LMC during the month of December. There is also a breakdown of the reasons for their visits.
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The Best Author Study:

The best author study for the month of December goes to the sixth grade teachers who used Destiny Quest web sites to study Gary Paulsen, author of My Life in Dog Years: ELA Department Chair Ms. Morrison and ELA teacher Ms. Hayes.