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"Success Through Inches"

Reminder: Danielson Artifacts

Summative evaluations for tenured staff are due on 2/15. As a result, artifacts will need to be downloaded before your summative evaluation conference. Summative evaluation conferences will be held at the end of January or early February.

Several of your artifacts can be observable; e.g., greeting students at the door, leading a PD activity, Good Things, objective posted, agenda posted, etc. To achieve exemplary status, there will need to be sufficient evidence to warrant this rating. Again, self-managing is the operative word and difference between proficient and exemplary for Domains 2 & 3 (classroom environment and instruction).

Reminder: Deparment Meetings/PLC

Tenured staff have the option of working on the artifact process versus going to department meetings before their summative evaluation conferences. If you exercise this option please communicate your needs to your SHIELD representative; if you are the SHIELD rep and you plan on using the department time to download artifacts, delegate your SHIELD responsibilities to another department member. Conversely, if you don’t need the department time to download artifacts you will meet with your department members. Upcoming department meetings are on the following dates: 1/12, 1/26, and 2/9.

Weekly Schedule

Monday 1/18

  • No School MLK Holiday

Tuesday 1/19

  • Advisory: Bomb, Earthquake, and ALICE Drills
  • 8:00 Counseling Meeting
  • 2:20 Staff Meeting
  • 6:30 Parent Forum (library)
  • 5:30 & 7:45 pm Hockey @ Eagle River
  • 6:00 pm Girls' Basketball v. Wasilla
  • 7:30 pm Boys' Basketball v. Wasilla

Wednesday 1/20

  • 3:00 Office Meeting

Thursday 1/21

  • Basketball @ South Anchorage Tournament

Friday 1/22

  • 8:15 Counseling Team Huddle
  • Basketball @ South Anchorage Tournament

Saturday 1/23

  • 8:00 am SAT Voucher Test
  • 1:00 pm Hockey v. West Valley
  • 1:00 pm Skiing Valley Invite

Tuesday 1/27

  • 2:20 pm Department Meeting


  • 6:45 am SHIELD Meeting
  • Basketball @ South Anchorage Tournament

CHS 1st Semester Grades 2015

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Formative Assessment Tool

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I hope all is well . . . have a great week!!!