Senator Chris Coons


Who is he?

Chris Coons is one of the two United States Senators from the state of Delaware. He was elected to the senate in 2010, and is entering his fourth year of his term. He identifies himself with the democratic party, and has worked with many past politicians on their presidential campaigns. Chris has a Bachelor's degree in chemistry and political science from Amherst college. He then went on to get a law degree from Yale. Chris's hometown is Greenwich, Connecticut.


Abortion: Pro-Choice

Civil Rights: pro-LGBT rights

Environmental issues: Against oil drilling, concerned about CO2

Foreign Policy: For the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, sponsored funding the Syrian rebels.

Gun Control: Respects second amendment rights with common sense limitations.

Healthcare: Support perfecting and implementing Obamacare.

Immigration: Supports comprehensive immigration reform.

Keystone Pipeline

Senator Chris Coons is always in favor of preserving the environment, and so he is working to get the bill to go through other regulations and make it safer for the environment. He is not opposed to the bill.
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Increasing Minimum Wage

The Senator is in favor of increasing the federal minimum wage.


Chris Coons will be up for reelection in 2016. If minimum wage has not been raised by then, I expect that it would be a decent campaign point for him running for reelection. The Keystone pipeline would probably have been approved or denied by then.