The Guide to the Gilded Age

Authors: Emmah, Dakota, Ben and Sean

Industrialization and the Transcontinental Railroad has come a long way. Industrialization started with a small village and has grown to packed population and skyscrapers. The Transcontinental Railroad was one of the first ways of transportation other than by foot. Trains eventually evolved to cars, planes, and boats.

Transcontinental Railroad


Steel in Industrialization

Steel was an improvement throughout the Industrial era during The Guilded Age. Steel helped out in building bridges and skyscrapers. But mostly it helped farmers plowing in the fields. From the wood plow breaking to steel cutting through the ground. The first bridge that was made from steel was the brooklyn bridge. Steel was used to make skyscrapers because steel was more sturdy then iron. Iron tended to bend and rust easily. Steel became the all around metal to use in that era.