The Temple of Poseidon

Located on cape sounion

Some Things About Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea and he also controls earthquakes. Today I will be telling you many different things about the god of the sea,poseidon, he uses his trident to use these powers. he was given these powers by Zeus he is the only one that ran away from his father,Cronus, everyone one else(brothers and sisters) was eaten by their father such as poseidon. Later Zeus came back with a poisoned food that would make Cronus spit out all of his brothers and sisters and that plan worked out all of his sisters and brothers came back and that is when all of them went there separate ways and that is when they got there godly powers. That is why poseidon chose the god o the sea because they chose there own powers and he chose the god of the sea.

Wondering Who Worshiped the Temple of Poseidon!!

Well, first it is Archaeological evidence shown that there were two organized places of worship on the cape of sounion by the 7th century there was a sanctuary(temple) of Poseidon at the southern edge and a sanctuary(temple) of Athena around Poseidon's temple but at the northern edge. Before the last Poseidon temple there was one that was never completed because there were Persians that destroyed the temple in 480 BC. The one that is worshiped today is now on top of the ruins of the old temple this temple was made in 444 BC. Today Modern travelers visited Sounion long before excavation( Archaeological tool for understanding the process of the human past) started on the site. Systematic excavations began on the site in 1897 and continue today.


This is where you can find the temple of Poseidon on cape sounion. I t is located in sounia, greece!!


Today, I have learned many things such as more information about the temple of poseidon. I learned where and when the temple of poseidon is today, and when and how the temple was made for the tourists or people who worship there in the temple. I also learned that the first temple that was made was destroyed by the Persians and the second temple was made after over the ruins and that it was all created in the 7th century BC. I also learned that Zeus gave his father,Cronus, a poisoned food that would make him spit out all of the children also known as Zeus's brothers and sisters and how that is when the trident was given to poseidon so he could be the god of the sea and also controlling the earthquakes. This is what I have learned through the day.

sincerely, Jacob Adami