4th Grade News 1/20/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information


*TOMORROW-Book orders due--you can order online or by returning the form(s) and money to Mrs. Foster

*TOMORROW-Class Pictures--if you are purchasing a class picture, money must be turned in at the time of the photo.

*January 22nd-Awards Ceremony 8:30 Students who will be receiving awards were given invitations last week.

*G/T Quiz Bowl-Good luck to our g/t students who will be attending a quiz bowl tournament on Friday.

*Students will be going outside as weather permits. Please make sure your child wears a coat to school.

*We will have freely flowing tissues and hand-sanitizer for the coming flu season. Please help us by reminding your child to wash their hands often at school (recommended 20 seconds). Mrs. Foster and I will have sanitizer as students enter the classroom and by the Kleenex box. Our custodians will be doing extra cleaning to keep sickness at bay. Please keep your child at home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Don't forget--students must be fever free (without medication to control fever) for 24 hours before returning to school.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-This week, we will continue working on identifying prime and composite numbers and finding multiples and factors of different numbers. Students did extremely well on last week's homework finding factors of numbers. Be looking for that homework to come home graded later this week.

We are down to 5 students total who are working on passing their final accuracy check. These 5 students will have math logs due next Monday. Students are to spend 10 minutes per night studying ALL facts. On the math log, students will log the time practiced, the activity they did, and get a parent signature. There is a total of 50 minutes required.

Science-Last week we completed our Inertia Cartoon activity. We are still in the process of sharing those with the class. Both classes did an outstanding job and were great about thinking outside the box with unique ideas. We had some really great illustrations! We also completed the Friction Lab Day 1 and Day 2. I hope your child was able to explain this lab to you and how we used wind force to move objects and being able to predict our number of blows based on the friction we could observe from the 2 different surfaces used. We have a couple more labs we will complete this week. Our first lab will be "Blow a Panther". This is a class favorite every year!! We will also complete "Balloon Rockets". This will be the first year I have tried this lab, so that should be fun and interesting.

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All students are studying homophones again this week. Students have words written in their agendas, and they have written definitions (or drawn a picture) on each word in their baggies. Everyone will test on Friday. They will need to know the correct usage to know when to use each word! We will also be taking mid-year diagnostic spelling assessments this week to determine placements for second semester spelling groups.

Reading: We will use our interactive notebooks to work in groups and find information about Lewis & Clark and their journey. We will also begin reading Sacajawea chapters 3-5. We review 1st and 2nd hand accounts of information. In addition, we will practice our close reading skills using a fictional account of Lewis & Clark's journey.

There IS fluency homework coming home for this week!

Writing: We will continue our focus on opinion writing this week. We will draft our opinion essays this week, and we will look at using transition words when writing. We will begin the revision and editing process this week as well. Students are writing about one of the following topics:

* Should gum be allowed at school?

* Do students need more than 20 minutes of recess daily?

* Should PE be twice a week?

* Do students need homework?

* Should track & field involve individual or class competitions?

Ask your child what he/she is writing about and what his/her reasons are!