Tribe Washoe

by Mily Rodriguez


Washoe use braches and skin of animal. The Washoe men use bows or even other things the men can use to hunt with. Washoe need to hunt big animals to make their house. The Washoe were near to the lake.

Art and Artwork

When the Washoe women weave to make baskets the are artworks on the basket. And also when the Washoe dress as art.


The tools that the Washoe made were mostly for hunting . The weapons were bows and stone knives.

Food and Diet

The foods that Washoe people eat are fish, rabbits, deer , nuts ,and berries and other foods Washoe like.

Interesting Facts

The Washoe mens were resonseblem to hunt and make tools. The womens tened to the children to gathered plants, roots, fruits, and nuts. The Washoe didn't have things to store food in the winter but the pine nut can be store throuth the winter so they eat pine nuts in the winter.