Design #1 (Mr. Luke guide) -Vireak

Mr Luke have gave us all the guide to gave us idea how everything going to be like and we have learn a lot from it. First part Interesting facts and shocking problem and Second part will be Statistics about dangerous places around the world. It all going to be talking where is the safest place in the world and how to survive from natural disaster Ex This house has a earthquake resistance and Storm resistance and more.

Design #1 (Mr. Luke guide) -Sovan

Design #2 -Sovan

    • I think some of my works are good because I made the pictures clear and for some parts I have explain what my partner and I are going to do. But the bad thing is that I did not explain some of the section and also I have not drawn some picture very clear. And I think that one part is going to be about 10-15 seconds. Also between one section I think there will be some small things in between them. · First part talk about the disasters
    • · Second part talk about the statistics of the disasters
    • · Third part talk about the good/happy place
    • · Fourth part talk about (how to achieve the dream)
    • · Fifth part talk about how safe is the place (Country)
    • · Sixth part we zoom in to the city and tell how safe it is
    • · Seventh we talk about the house and tell about their structures
    • · Eighth part Ronaldo will come, talk about the house and say our slogan

Design #2 -Vireak

  • First part will be showing all the interesting facts and Shocking problems and really horrible scene.
  • Second part will be talking about statistics about dangerous place and showing some graph, pie charts and more.
  • Third part will be talking about where will make you find happiness Ex. Safest in the world and also describe some dangerous part of the world.
  • Forth part will be talking about how to make this dream come true and showing me talking about where is the safest place and why.
  • Fifth part will be talking about the country that i have chose that is the safest place to live in the world and tell them about it.
  • Sixth part will be talking about all the provinces in Cambodia and which provinces will be the safest in Cambodia.
  • Seventh part will be showing pictures of houses that are Earth resistance, storm resistance and more.
  • Last part will be showing me and Sovan talking about all the video all about and at last our slogan.

I think my design all good enough because it contain enough detail to answer the unit question - what's the safest place in the world.

Final Design -Sovan & Vireak

I think this plan is better because in every slide we put a caption and we also put what we are going to do with each slide.

· First slide we talk about the disasters around the world

· Second slide we put the statistics about the natural disasters

· Third slide we talk about the happy/safe place (our place)

· Fourth slide we tell you guys how to achieve the dream

· Fifth slide we tell that Cambodia is very safe

· Sixth slide we zoom into the city and tell how safe is the city

· Seventh slide we zoom into our place/house and tell the structure of the house

· Eighth slide CR7 come and tell that you guys need to buy the house and also say our slogan