American Red Cross (Global)

Clara Barton

What Clara Barton Did To Help The Community

Clara Barton The founder of American Red Cross helped if your house was wrecked by fires, heat waves, floods, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and lots more.They also reconnect family's.They also support Military family's.They protect human life and heath.

Impact on the community

If people need blood you can donate some blood.They give people food and water. They support heath and safety services.They support heath and safety services that are all around the world.

Background Information

Clara Barton was a teacher when a lot of teachers were men.She was the first woman to gain employment in the government.She risked her life to bring weapons to solders during the civil war.

What I Can Do To Help My Community

I could help my community by.... I could raise money give to charities or hospitals.I could give the money to hospitals for people who can not pay for there bills.I could help rake my neighbour.

All About Me

I am ten years old. I am in fourth grade. I live in Howard.I have a brother and sister their names are Austin and Nevaeh. I two dogs their names are Jake and Allie . I like to go outside and play with my brother ,sister,and my two dogs.I love art a lot.I also like to read.This is just a little bit about me.