Zachary Taylor

The 12th U.S. President

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Zachary Taylor was born in Virginia on November 24, 1784. His father, Colone Richard Taylor. His dad's job was a lieutenant. His mom Sarah Dabney Strother Taylor had no job at that current time. Taylor had 7 brothers and sisters altogether. The thing about it is, Taylor had no formal education and wasn't really that smart. Taylor's religion is Episcopalian. He was married to Margaret Mackall Smith. Taylor's former job was a soldier. Taylor has a total of 7 kids and their names were: Ann Mackall Taylor, Sarah Knox Taylor, Octavia P. Taylor, Margaret Smith Taylor, Mary Elizebeth Taylor, and Richard Taylor. Taylor helped earn 4.3 acres of land. Taylor's daughter died briefly after getting married.


Taylor stayed in the White House from March 1849 - July 1850. His political party was Whig. During his days as president, the Vice President was Millard Fillmore. Taylor's friends were The Vice president Millard Fillmore and his war soldier friends and they were all men. When the electing was going on, the country was facing crises because of slavery. Sixteen months in, he died. There are theories that the snacks Taylor ate were poisoned on purpose.


Taylor had no other jobs because he died while he was President. Taylor died on July 9, 1850 in Washington D.C.. He died because of a stomach complaint only 16 months after he became President. Taylor's cousin is James Madison.