Friends Magazine Newsletter

April/May Edition


Hello! This is Friends Magazine! We are so sorry about the inconvenience from the late April Newsletter. So, we decided to combine the two months into one newsletter. Hopefully that will pay back the convenience for you so that we can still have a relationship with our followers! Again, we are sorry that this happened. Let's get on with the newsletter!

School's Out!

We know that we are excited about school getting out pretty soon, but are you? Shoot us an email back to us about how you feel about the school getting out. Be sure you include what you are doing for the summer whether it is going summer camp, going to the beach, etc. We want to here your summer plans! Send us an email at Thanks!


Here's some info that we might need to give you for the Friends Magazine managers. (official email) (Meredith's (editor's) email) (Claire's (editor's) email) (Mary Grace's (president's) email) (Alison's (folder checker's) email)

If you need any more information, just email one of us, but please note that we have to verify that some of the information that you may ask for will not be shown to you. Thanks for your cooperation!


So, we mentioned to you that we were going to ask you where you're going for the summer, but if you don't know where you are going to go or you aren't going anywhere here are some things to do in your town during the summer!

1) Go to the mall with some friends

2) Go swimming in your neighborhood pool

3) Catch a movie

4) Make a craft at home

5) Have a sleepover with a friend (or friends)

6) Go do laser tag

We hope this helped!

The Friends Magazine

Hello! We were just wondering where the Friends Magazine was. If you have seen or heard anything about it, PLEASE contact one of us managers and let us know where it is. It would be so sad if we lost it. :( If you have found it, send it to to one of these addresses below:

Meredith Wessel

1207 East 27th Ave.

Spokane, WA 99203

Mary Grace Lorino

3320 Dunbrooke Dr.

Birmingham, AL 35243

Claire Chester

3528 Spring Valley Ct.

Birmingham, AL 35223

Alison Gaston

3105 North Woodridge Rd.

Birmingham, AL 35223

Thank you so much!