Mrs. Jansen's First Grade Class

Weekly Newsletter: September 19, 2016

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Community - Character - Achievement - Impact

"The Keysor community works together to support all learners on their journeys as empathetic, creative and critical thinkers who actively impact the world around them."

Celebrations, Achievements, and Great Learning!

Update on our Pride Paws...we are now up to a whopping 8 Pawfect Class ribbons!! Way to go by all of our classroom friends! Please celebrate and talk about this great achievement with your little one. Together, our class has really been thinking about and practicing their Keysor Pride throughout their day. Continue encouraging the good! It is showing! Also, way to go for our newest Keysor Pride recipient and our first Leader of the Week!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ryder for being selected as this past week's student of the week! Ryder continues to show tremendous Character in how he respects our classroom expectations and is a responsible friend with our learning materials, completing his assignments and supporting others.

Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS as well to Skylar for being selected as our first Leader of the Week. This honor was earned through her continued hard work, determined focus and daily helpful ways to her classmates. We can't wait to learn even more about our classroom friend. This honor will be shared with our classmates during each full five day school week this year. It's a time to celebrate our Joy for an entire week with completion of a Pride Profile (collage of favorites upon a shadow profile cut-out), sharing of their favorite book and/or one item from home, and so many more leadership opportunities in providing praise and compliments to our Joys. Additionally, our Leader of the Week will receive a very special Jansen's Joys authored book about why our friend is so very special to have in class. This Friday we will be announcing another new friend as Jansen's Joy recipient.

Also, thank you to all who supported our "KASA" float that one 2nd plans for 'Best Interpretation of a Theme' this year!! It's was an 'Out of This World' experience!

Special Classes/Activities Schedule:

Monday, Sept. 19th: C Day - Wellness with Mrs. Ehrlich; Keysor Night @ Amigo's
Tuesday, Sept. 20th: D Day - Library lesson in the Library with Mrs. Ems; books will be checked out, so PLEASE make sure your child returns theirs; Art with Mrs. Lang
Wednesday, Sept. 21st: A Day - Music with Dr. St. Clair
Thursday, Sept. 22nd: B Day - P.E. with Coach Widaman
Friday, Sept. 23rd: C Day - Wellness with Mrs. Ehrlich; Fitness Friday before school

**Next week our biking unit begins. Please plan to have your child's bike at school with their helmet. More information to come home this week from Mrs. Ehrlich & Coach Widaman.

Sound and Sight Word Practice: Short o Word Family (ot, op) & New Sight Words

Thank you again for your time during our Intake Conferences over the past week. I am thankful that I had the time with you to talk further about how to support your child with their vocabulary acquisition during the school year. The green 'Word Work Ideas' sheet that was sent home, pairs with our half-sheet the children write out and bring home on Monday evenings. Please be sure to use these words (as noted here too), to aid in your word work practice at home. We are continuing with our sight word development with the words: went, some, not, what, into.

Writing Workshop

We're almost there!! Last week provided for final edits and publishing of the children's Small Moments stories. Our Joys requested if we could have one additional day for publishing work, so of course I had to share a "Yes!!" As a result, our Pen-Pal posters have been delayed from last week and we'll be completed this week and mailed off to our Pen-Pals at Robinson. Additionally, we will continue our practice on Fridays when we announce our Leader of the Week, with the creation of their own "I'm Special" book that comes home on Thursday of their Leader week. It's a great time to be a writer in First Grade!

Understanding Place Value in Numbers

This week we will move our studies into understanding place value with our numbers. This children will be experiencing play through use of our classroom Learning Carpet and creating numbers using Base 10 blocks. This basic number sense is the foundation for realizing 10 loose items together are collected to create a set of 10. Then, those 10's are brought together to create our 20's, 30's, 40's and so on. The children will enjoying a variety of games thinking about greater than and less than as well.

Deepening our understandings of Sound & Light

As shared above, our lessons will be moving into the children exploring their learning through experiments with sound vibrations and light creation. With each of these experiences, the children are also documenting their observations within their PLTW journals. It's truly awesome to see their little faces in realizing how all the sounds they hear around them, come to be! I couldn't get over their little eyes lighting up once they could hear their own heartbeat using a stethoscope. :) So much joy!!