The Communtiy

By : Dan Schumann


All of our homes have sleeping rooms to accommodate your whole family. News Intercoms in each house keeps you up to date. We provide a huge bookshelf including literature from only the greatest authors. Lovely outside and inside. Huge kitchens and living room you can have guests. It is the perfect home for your family.


Our learning communities are great. Children are put into groups by age. Each instructor is professionally tried by only the best. We also teach discipline. We teach math, science, literature, etc. We watch how children improve and help them with it. When children are 12s, They get an assignment. That is the assignment they have for life. You get chosen by your skills and likes. At one years old children receive a comfort object. Such as a stuffed hippo or bear. Every year forward the get something different. As a nine you get a bicycle. We take pride and care of children here.


Family is very important. A person can apply for a spouse in which are chosen because of same interests and age as yourself. Then you can apply for children. You can have one boy and one girl. No more because the community will become over populated. Each family is treated equally and fair. Once your children are older you and your spouse will go to the home of the childless adults and then to the house of the old.


You have to stay with the partner you were assigned
-You have to stay with the job you were assigned
-Each family has no more than 4 members
-You can start riding your bike at age nine
-No taking any objects home
-No lying
-Take pills for Stirrings
-Be respectful