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Helpful information for families and staff of NCSD

For our families

Family Engagement

The latest blog post from Immigrant Connections geared toward helping those in the family engagement field expand their understanding and reach so that all families, including immigrant and refugee families, are engaged equitably

Parent Orientation Video

ELL Programs in New York State:

This whiteboard animation video, which runs approximately twelve minutes, describes the English Language Learner identification and assessment process and outlines in detail various available program options. It also describes the differences between English as a New Language and the various Bilingual Education program models.

For educators in the NCSD

Strengthening English Language Learners'/Multilanguage Learners' instruction

Using Translations as a Support Not a Solution

This resource was developed by a subcommittee of OBEWL's ELL Leadership Council to help explore four instructional strategies: Bridging Languages, Using Students’ Home Language (L1), Using Cognates, and using Translations. We encourage you to use and share with colleagues!


This Virtual Word Wall template was created by Esther Park and adapted for use by Canandaigua teachers to support ELLs.

Thanks to Kelli Powell from Canandaigua CSD for sharing!

The Visual Non-Glossary from Stephen Fleenor: A resource for Science Teachers looking to provide structured visuals for their students. Structure visuals will help students infer meaning, describe relationships, and think critically about the content.

Greg's Top 50 Tech Tools to Remotely Support Ells!

Check out this interactive page made by our colleague Greg Bailey at Hudson Valley RBERN that shares tools for:

  • Creating Presentations
  • Communication & Translation
  • Accessibility
  • Interactivity


Supporting Immigrants in Schools Online Workshop Series

These workshops are centered on a four-part video series that illustrates successful practices in creating safe, welcoming environments for immigrant students and families. Each session is based on Comprehensive Educator Modules developed by CUNY-IIE around the Supporting Immigrants in Schools Video Series videos: Key Immigration Issues, Immigration in Elementary Schools, Immigration in Secondary Schools, and Educating Refugee and Immigrant Students. The goal of this series is to help educators learn, act, and advocate in the classroom.

Click HERE for the Flyer.

Can do descriptors-a tool to help you meet students where they are in their language development. If you do not know your student's proficiency level, ask your ENL teacher

Translation tools in Seesaw
Zoom Simultaneous Interpretations for Meetings and Webinars