Vontre Seabrone

English 9 4x4 final exam

Journal Reflection

To be a survivor you must have heart. There is no certain qualities or skills to be a survivor. You need to have heart because without heart you wouldn't have the push to keep going. Without push you couldn't keep going threw your strugle.

My favorite journal is the one about being a suvivor. I chose this journal because it was interesting. It also has a good meaning to it. It had a deep feeling where people had to think into their feelig and thoughts. In my family we had bad points where you had to become a " survivor". Though it wasn't seriously that bad but going through any adversity can make you a survivor.

Dream Speach

Vontre Seabrone

4x4 1/8/15

In the future everyone wants tobe successful. In my future I want to have a good job to support the ones I love. Having a good education to look better on my resume. In my future I want to have money so I wouldn’t have to worry financially. Having money goes along with having a good job. In my future I want to have a good house. Every successful person needs to have a roof over their heads. In my future I want to have a nice car to go to places. In my future I want to be able to set my mom, dad, brothers, and sister up so they wouldn’t have to worry much.

Student Choice

A hero to me is some one who fights for what they believe in. Rather you fight physicaly or with words. Some one who fought physicaly was Nat Turner how he led rebelions. A person who fought with his words was Martin Luther King Jr. how he told motivating speaches. If you succeed or not you could still be a hero.

Note to self: semester reflection

Dear Vontre,

I think you did a pretty good job but could have done better. The most favorite part of this semester was when we read the short stories like " A sound of thunder" or " The most dangerous game". My least favorite was when we was going over the " A gathering of old men" because I would get lazy during the independent reading and the chapter review. My most favorite assignment was the Odyssey webquest because the Greek gods are interesting to learn about.

Sincerely, Tre