The All in One running app!

Overall Review

This app is really user friendly. After using it for about a week, I like the maneuverability of the app and the extensive styles of sports it can track. It even includes tracking skiing! On top of that, I noticed it didn't drain as much battery as other apps I have used. Maybe it is just my phone, but I loved this about the app.


I would recommend this to most anyone who is in to sports and wants to see how they are doing. It shows an accurate calorie burn and even shows the total elevation risen and dropped. On top of that, if you are trying to prepare for a race, it shows the speed and how you compare to other people.
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Like every app, there are some Cons

The Runtastic app when you download it is free, but there is a pro app that costs money. Because of this, the app keeps prompting you to upgrade and doesn't allow you to access parts of the app that you may deem useful. This annoys me as the paid version is pretty expensive and it still wants to prompt you to add more add-ons.

Also, it doesn't pause when you exit the app, it will keep running and you must stop it. That may be a problem for some.

Benefits to Middle Schoolers

Middle Schoolers can have a lot of benefits to it especially if you take track and field or just want to get in shape. It personally helped me because I was able to schedule out a rehab after my concussion and that helped me get back in to the ring of things.
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