4th Grade December Update

Mrs. Mahoney's Class

Reading Workshop

December finds us completing our exploration of nonfiction reading. Students continue to practice skills such as asking critical questions, prediction and identifying big ideas. Students will practice pausing as they read so that they can summarize important information. Students will also understand that nonfiction readers take in more information when they organize information into categories as they read. Our next focus will be on sequence. Sequence is the order in which things happen. Students will apply their skill of close reading for information to identify the order of events in their current independent reading. This practice will prepare them for our study of historical fiction next month.

Writing Workshop

This month it is all about persuasive writing. Students continue to draw on evidence from a variety of sources to be more convincing and persuasive. Sharing their opinions loudly and proudly are important lessons to be taught this month. Students need to think carefully about their chosen audience and the evidence that will be needed to persuade them. Students continue to work on introducing paragraphs using topic sentences and making connections from one paragraph to another. Students will continue to self-assess their writing by using an Opinion Writing Checklist and to peer edit their partner's work.


This month we will continue our study of fractions. To begin, students reviewed converting whole numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions. Through this unit students have been working on using their notes and identifying formulas or "recipes" that can be used to solve problems involving fractions. Students are encouraged to take their math composition notebooks home to assist during homework and further strengthen their understanding. By the end of the month, students will be able to find the number of objects in a fraction of a set and express a part as a fraction of the whole. Of course, we will continue our daily mental math, daily word problems, and mad minutes.

Social Studies

Last month saw the conclusion of our study of Pennsylvania. December finds us exploring the Northeast Region. We will look at various maps and gain an understanding of state boundaries. We will also learn about natural resources found in the Northeast. This will help us to begin learning about the people and how they lived in the past compared to present day. Exploration of major industries, landmarks and culture will give students a diverse and enriching experience.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 3 - Buddy Meeting for Worship

Friday, December 19 - Holiday Meeting for Worship

Friday, December 19 - Classroom Holiday Parties