The Coral Springs Times

By: Jackson Spooner and Will Pontius

Vandal Kids Attempted To Burn Down Mosque

On September 28th, at 8:41 PM, police arrive to a horrifying scene. A local town mosque is going up in flames. Luckily, the fire department arrived just in time to stop the blaze. Police reports say that two kids, Bobby Brinkmann and Rigo (His last name was not in the report) are charged for this felony. Eye witness accounts paints a similar picture. Jake, one of the kids who helped overpower the wrongdoers, says "It is a real tragedy, what has happened. I don't know why these kids have such religious intolerance against Muslims." He also said how they were setting to mosque on fire. "They were throwing soda bottles with flaming paper towels in them. Bobby was only able to get a couple of bottle out before I kicked them away." Mr. Wilkeys (The person who called 911) was also interviewed. "I knew Jake and Sam (The other boy who helped) would be able to stop them... they just needed a little backup." The two boys are in custody awaiting trial.

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