Mrs. Houston's Third Grade News

February 19


1. Vocabulary - As you already know, we are teaching Greek/Latin root words for our vocabulary lessons during ELA. It is extremely important that students are STUDYING the meanings of these roots, as well as the definitions of the words they are given.

2. Lunches - In the beginning of the year we mentioned it would be useful if students used thermoses to bring food that needs to be warmed to school due to the limited microwaves. Recently there has been an increase in the number of students bringing food to be heated. We share microwaves with the 7th grade and many children are not finishing their lunches because they spend a great deal of time waiting to use the microwave at the beginning of lunch. PLEASE send your child's food in a thermos.

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Don't Forget!

February 24th - Six Flags Reading Logs Due

February 25th - Field Trip to Alliance Theater

February 26th - Water Cycle Quiz, Vocabulary and Spelling Quizzes

February 26th and 27th - Drama 101 presentation of " The Giver" at 6pm

February 29th - Makers Faire proposals due

News that Needs to Be Read

1. Six Flags Logs - Due THIS Wednesday, Feb. 24th

2. Field Trip on Thursday to the Alliance - Students must wear RED uniform shirt and uniform pants/skirt.

3. Media Center overdue books - turn them in!

4. On Wednesday, March 2nd PreK thru 3rd grade students will be celebrating one of our favorite authors with so many fun learning activities! Part of celebrating Dr. Seuss is to celebrate his LOVE for reading. One of our rotations on Dr. Seuss day will consist of the students "Reading Across America" to earn a certificate in honor of their support for Dr. Seuss' love for learning and reading.

Ms. P's classroom will be turned into a complete reading oasis, full of comfortable areas for students to relax and read during that rotation. In order to create this reading oasis.. Ms. P needs your help! If you have comfortable bean bag chairs, pillows, body pillows, blankets, ANY items to help create a space for students to comfortably read.... please email Ms. P at - these items will be used on Wednesday, March 2nd and then returned to their owner after Dr. Seuss day!

5. Maker Faire proposals EXTENDED until Feb 29th

6. Box Tops competition - We have not received ANY in my homeroom. Please send them in!

What's Coming Up...

Phonics: Suffixes -er, -or, -ess, -ist

Comprehension: Fact and Opinion, Biographies, Questioning

Greek/Latin Roots: astro, auto, ject, post, spec, tri

Writing: Biography (Students have been working on biographies about a famous person. The final copy is due Friday 2/26)

Social Studies: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, Who was George Washington?

Science: The Water Cycle

In Case You Didn't Know...

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My husband, Annabelle, and I are THRILLED to announce we are expecting our second child on August 19, 2016. I shared the news with the class on Friday and they were beyond excited! They all have guesses on the baby's gender and I promised them we will do a fun in-class gender reveal in a few weeks!