Geologic Scavenger Hunt

By Joshua Clary


The Atacama Desert is in a 400 year long drought located in Chile in South American. The Desert typically gets rain every 100 years. The cold air that is in the desert has little to no moisture which could lead to not the drought. The temperature rarely rises above 26C in this desert.

Wind Erosion

Areas that have lose soil and sand are most likely to be affected my wind erosion. Places like deserts that have lose sand are vulnerable to erosion due to the wind picking up the sand and throwing it against rock creating different formations.

River Deltas

A river delta is where a river deposits the sediment it has picked up over time created different land forms.

This is Vienna, Austria Delta.

Below is Skokomish River.

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River Meandering

Meandering is the change in the rivers course causing bends.

Oxbow Lakes

They are the result of River Meandering.


On November 10, 2009 there was a landslide in Tennessee on highway 64. Lucky there was a geologist on site that was able to see the signs of a land slide and move everybody out of the way of any danger.
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Mount Vesuvius located in southern Italy. It has erupted over 30 times that we know of all the way back to 79 A.D.


located in Indonesian island of Krakatoa it has erupted with 13,000 times the power of an atomic bomb. It occasionally spits lava into the sky to this day.

Dormant Volcanoes

Extinct Volcanoes