Technology in The Classroom?!

Five Mobile Apps That Could Be Used In K-12 Classroom


A language learning app that is free of charge and makes learning a new language more easy and fun than ever! From combining basic lessons to level up and reach more point to being able to compete with others learning the same language, students are able to learn to read, speak, listen and write new languages! While this app is great for learning new languages, it is geared toward people and students who are able read, and wouldn't necessarily be the best for the younger grades.
Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language


This app, though it has a free version, is better with the paid version. It is a math solving app that shows the method to solving the math problem, and goes through it step by step to show the student how the answer is reached. They recently have added a practice section in which students are able to practice certain areas within their math studies. This app can be especially helpful in the classroom for teachers when there isn't enough time for them to help every student in solving problems, and can be used at home if parents aren't able to help their children understand how to solve problems. It is also available online as a website. There is one major drawback to this app: cheating, and not doing the actual work, and instead just copying the answer from the app to the homework sheet.
Symbolab Solver

Kahn Academy

This app, free of charge, allows for students to watch and read through their learning. It offers 4200 education videos ranging from the topics of math and science to the humanities. Videos can be downloaded to be watched at a later time, or when there isn't internet access. In the classroom and out of the classroom, this app can be used to aide students in their learning and understanding of different topics.
Balancing Chemical Equations Dictionary & Thesaurus

While it may seem like a very simple app, it is incredibly useful for students when writing as well as understand questions. In the app there is a dictionary section as well as a thesaurus section which allows the students to figure out what specific words mean, and find synonyms and antonyms to the word. It can be used in a class as a dictionary and thesaurus at the touch of a hand and is much easier to find words rather than combing through the huge Webster's Dictionaries.


This is an app that allows teachers to test their students through quick question polls, and quizzes. There are two separate apps, one for the teacher and one for their students. I personally have had experience with this app in my Bio 30 class, my teacher would have all us students take a poll at the beginning of a new unit to see what we already knew about it. Also, we were able to complete practice quizzes and exams and then see what the results of the quiz/test were and discuss why the answer was the right answer. This is especially useful for teachers to assess their students' knowledge on different topics.
Socrative video introduction