Video game power use

Nick Olmstead

Tips and hints for energy smart gaming

  • Know the energy usage of your video game console.
  • Newer consoles are more energy-efficient.
  • Play games from the hard drive instead of the disc.
  • Use a dedicated DVD player instead of a gaming console for watching movies.
  • Turn off (standby) consoles when not in use

DVD VS console

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 both serve as substitutes for DVD players but, when used as such, require more energy than a dedicated player. The more energy-efficient HD or Blu-ray players use around 20-40 kWh, several times less than either console.

While Enervee does give a very through list of environmental performance for electronics, its not the only website out their if you are looking for the greenest video game system or electronics. Greenpeace every fall publishes their “Guide to Greener Electronics” which provides a comprehensive ranking of the best in eco-friendly gadgets