New York

By Jake Garrow


Come to New York you will see stuff you have never saw before. There Are the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Come join sports teams like New York Rangers, New York Yankees or New York Nicks and other teams in the state. There are restaurants that will blow your mind. Some restaurants serve breakfast lunch and dinner.



New York became a state in July 26,1788. There is a lot of famous people that live in New York .

1. Skai Jackson is 13 and is a TV actress .

2.Adam Sandler is 48 and is a movie actor.

3.Tom Cruise is 52 and is a movie actor.

4.Vin Diesel is 47 and is a movie actor.

5.Josh Peck is 28 and is a TV actor .

6.James Maslow is 24 and is a Singer.