Goddess Athena

By Bailey Boyle


What does she looks like?: She has a helmet made out of iron with red string coming out of it. She is in dress made out of cloth that goes over her. Behind Athena, she as a cape behind her attached to her dress.

What is her weapon?: She was a spear and a shield with Medusa's head on it.

What is her pet?: Her pet is the owl.

What is her Symbol?: Her symbol is her owl, her shield, and her spear.


This is some more information about Athena have fun!

Athena's Pet Owl

What does it do?: In a battle it helps Athena fight throw the night and day. Its the spirit of wisdom.

Athena's Shield

What does it to?: When people look at the shield they will turn to stone. What does it look like?: the shield has Medusa's head. the shield is mad out of gold.

How is the head on it?: Perseus killed Medusa and took the head and gave it to Athena. Athena used her powers and made the head go on her shield.