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December Newsletter for New Hires & their Buddies

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Yes, HELP is available!

Help! Session - Student Surveys & PAS-T Portfolio/Binder

Date: Tuesday, December 16th during planning periods,

Location: Kathy Stables' Office (Green Hall, 1st Floor).


  • PAS-T binder

Help! Session - Grade Reporting (2nd Quarter, Midterm Exams, & Semester Grades)

Date: Tuesday, January 13th during planning periods,

Location: Kathy Stables' Office (Green Hall, 1st Floor).


  • Laptop

Help! is always available on an individual basis! Contact me to schedule some time, or just drop in to see me! Kathy Stables, 864-355-8718,

Keeping Up Calendar

Click to view the upcoming events. January is sure to be a busy month!

New Teacher Survival Resources

New Teacher Survival Video Clip

Classroom Management Video (12 minutes) highlighting a new teacher's actual classroom. From the Teaching Channel New Teacher Survival video series,, a new teacher learns and uses 7 management tips to change her classroom.


Click to Watch how Lilia:

  • establishes classroom routines
  • uses non-verbal cues to redirect
  • uses games & competition
  • breaks down lesson components
  • targets praise to model behavior
  • transitions frequently

Survival Guide

Scholastic's December Survival Guide for new teachers

MidTerm Exams

Midterm Exams are scheduled to be administered January 12-15th (see schedule below)

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Special Education Resource teachers do not give a midterm exam. They may assist a regular ed teacher by administering an exam as per a student's IEP. They will not enter a "midterm exam" into Power Teacher. (More details about grade reporting will be reviewed during the January13th Help! Session.)

  • All other teachers are expected to give a midterm exam. Students will have approximately 2 hours to take the exam. The exam counts 20% of the first semester grade. (Note: the exam grade is not part of the 2nd Quarter grade; it must be entered into the E1 Reporting Term in PowerTeacher)

  • Teachers are not to have parties or show movies during the scheduled exams. Please keep in mind students are testing in other classrooms near by.

  • During the scheduled exam, students are to remain in the classroom. They are not to be sent to go to their locker, not to drop off something to another teacher's class, not to go to the media center, and students are not given early release during an exam. If students finish early, please have something quiet for them to do.

  • A student may NOT make-up a missed exam without administrative approval. Students must bring in a medical excuse. Please remind students of this policy.

  • If you give the exam using Scantron sheets, see me to get a Scantron Item Analysis form. When you scan the exams, you will immediately have your results for the MidTerm Exam POST Analysis!
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MidTerm Exam Grade Distribution & POST Analysis

Please update your Grade Distribution spreadsheet (Staff drive - Department folder - Analysis folder) to include the Midterm Exam grade results and identify the (% success) success rate for each of the 25 questions by Friday, January 23rd. Use a Scantron Item Analysis Form for immediate post-analysis results!

Consider including a copy of the Grade Distribution spreadsheet in PS4: Assessment or PS8: Student Achievement section of your PAS-T binder. Be prepared to discuss student results/progress with your department administrator at your Mid-Year Conference. More information about the Mid-Year Review below.

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Student Surveys

Student Survey Essentials


  • All teachers are to administer student surveys to two (2) classes during the 2nd Quarter.
  • Tally the results and complete the student survey summary.
  • Place a copy of the tally sheet and the summary form in your PAS-T portfolio under tab #5 Learning Environment.

What you will need:

  • 9-12 Student Survey form
  • Tally Sheet for Grades 9-12 Student Survey form
  • Student Survey Summary form

All three of these forms are on the Staff drive - PAS-T folder. Hard copies of the forms are also found in your PAS-T portfolio in the Resource tab p. 27, 31, and 35.

Student surveys provide feedback to the teacher. They are to be completed anonymously.

Paper usage and time spent tallying surveys can be drastically reduced by conducting the survey using either Scantron forms OR by using an electronic format via Edmodo.

Lindsey Johnson has created an electronic form for Edmodo. You must create "classes" in Edmodo and schedule time in one of the computer labs if you want to use the Edmodo version.

We have scheduled a Help! Session to assist or answer any questions about the required student surveys. The sessions will be held during planning periods, Tuesday, December 16th. Attendance is not required, but should be beneficial.

PAS-T Portfolio

Your Pas-T (Performance Assessment System for Teachers) is your opportunity to "show off" some of the great things you are doing in your classroom. As you are preparing or conducting lessons, activities, impacting students, or getting involved with extra curricular school activities, document some of the highlights in your portfolio. Evaluators simply don't have the time to observe all the great things you are doing! This is your opportunity to shine.

MID-YEAR REVIEW - Student Achievement Goal (PS #8)

  • What data have you collected to measure student progress and document student learning gains?

  • What does the data indicate about student progress toward meeting your student achievement goal?

  • Are adjustments to the strategies that you outlined needed?

Now is the time to re-examine your student achievement goal and progress, or lack of progress made to date. Update your student achievement goal form to include a mid-year review. Include any modifications to the strategies you intend to make if modification is needed.

If you are looking for ways to support struggling students check out the charts below - great ideas for modifications or go to:

If you are not sure what to add to your binder, in general? PAS-T Requirements link.

If you would like some ideas or assistance, contact Kathy Stables, your assigned buddy or mentor. Any one of us will be happy to help! If you wish, bring your PAS-T binder to the Help! Session on Tuesday, Dec 16th.

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