Digital Citizenship

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Cyberbullying is where people bully other people over the internet. This mainly happens in teenagers. When people get cyberbullied it makes peopple very sad. If a photo, message or anyhting is put out on the internet it willl never go away. They can be sent by text messages or over the internet. If u are getting bullied u should tell someone u trust like your family or friends. You can contact kids helpline on 1800 55 1800 or eheadspace.


You should always treat other people the was u want to be treated.If u send a message to someone in UPPER CASE the may think that you are shouting to them. If someone is mean to u on social media tell someone about it. Go to Netiquette for more help.

Online safety

The internet is a fantastic resource for children, but it also has a number of avenues through which children can be vulnerable or exposed to bad content.

Educate yourself about some of the online technologies available to your child - such as Facebook, Messenger, chat rooms, social networking sites, and blogs. For more info visit