Oregon Coast Community College

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Some Facts About OCCC

  • 14:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 100% student acceptance rate
  • Open admissions
  • $3,564 in state tuition (full academic year, September- June)

How I Plan On Paying For OCCC

I plan on getting a job over the summer to start saving up for college. I also plan om applying for grants and scholarships

Why I want to go to OCCC

They provide Psychology classes that will eventually lead up to a Psychology Degree. They have a total about 9 psych. classes. Another one of the courses I want to take is art. The reason I would like to take both those courses is so I could possibly qualify for art therapy. Like the psych, classes there are 9 drawing classes that I could take throughout the years of me attending OCCC


This college is located in Newport, Oregon. On the coast of Oregon, it's about 234 miles and about 4 hours from Grants Pass.

Things to do in Newport

Newport is on the coast of Oregon, and is home of Oregon Community College. Some fun things to do there would be going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and looking at the amazing animals, several historic museums, and walking along the beach. Newport is a historic fun town for all ages. There's an endless amount of things to do to keep yourself busy.