Novio Boy

by gary soto


Rudy wanted to have a perfect date, but he needed advice and self confidence to be able to take Patricia to Steaks, steaks y mas steaks. So he talked to Alex and got advice. Then he had a successful date and learned to be himself and gained his confidence.

Theme: Be yourself and have self confidence. Rudy:" What am i gonna talk about?Alex: Just level with her."

Conflicts: The internal conflict of the story is Man vs. Self because he struggles with himself on what he is going to do with Patricia on the date.

The external conflict of the story is Man vs. Society because his family and friends where spying on them while the date was going on.


Favorite Quote: " I don't even like it when my chones match my t-shirts. I chose it becuase i thought the qoute was funny the way he said it.


Primping:spend time making minor adjustments Synonyms:Tidy, Arrange

Grimaces: A twisting of the face or features. Synonyms: Scowl, Sneer, Frown

Reminisces: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Synonyms: Remember, Recall, Recollect