Jasmine J. Blakley

Future Film Major & Current Volunteer Writer

Who is she?

Jasmine Blakley is a bright young woman, albeit a bit anti-social. This is due to her past, in which she suffered merciless bullying and teasing from her peers, as well as the development of Asperger’s Syndrome, which also handicapped her socially. She uses this to her advantage, however. She believes that a lack of a social life will help her to improve her greatest skill: writing.

Writing is Jasmine’s biggest hobby as she spends most of her time indoors. Currently, she writes for a children’s show that’s in the process of being made, “Growing Around”. She’s written some very popular episodes for this show, her most popular being “The Kingdom of Cardboardia”. She plans to go into Screenwriting as her major to better improve her skills, and later go into writing for television and movies as her occupation.

While Jasmine is one to keep to herself, she bonds very well with people that share her interests, being one to crack the occasional joke every now and then. She also bonds with people via her volunteering. Her trip to India, where she was put in charge of teaching Indian students about Western culture, proves this.

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