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Why do people live in so many different parts of Canada?

The people of Canada live in many different places. Almost 90 percent of Canada's population live 100 miles away from Canada's border. Why you ask, because Canada's border is connected with 3 oceans which makes it fairly easy to trade with Europe and Asia. If you prefer a warmer climate then you would want to settle in the southeastern part of Canada because they have by far the warmest climate in all of Canada. In Canada there is a fairly warm summer through out Canada and cold winters. If you prefer colder temperatures then you would want to settle in the northern Canada. It is very rare for people to live in northern Canada because it is so cold. The southern part of Canada is great for farming! Actually, Canada's climate helps them with their trading industry. Canada's long growing season and ample rainfall helps Canada grow grains like wheat and canola. Some people might live near rivers and lakes because that is a good source of hydroelectric power and is also where an abundance of fish live. Some of Canada's natural resources include coal,oil,iron ore,natural gas, and gold. A major natural resource of Canada is timber. In Canada, 5 percent of their land is arable. That doesn't seem like a lot but it is. Since Canada is so large, 5 percent of their land is a lot more than we would think. Also, their soil is so rich that they can grow many goods and are sold to other countries. For this reason, trading is a very popular industry in Canada. That is why so many people live in different areas of Canada.

What are the environmental issues of Canada??

There are a few major environmental issues in Canada. They are acid rain, pollution in the Great Lakes, extraction and use of natural resources on the Canadian Shield, and the timber industry. For starters,the acid rain problem is mostly caused by coal burning factories, cars, and the chemicals that trucks release that pollutes the air. Canada's industry has grown and is causing poorer air quality and more acid rain. The Great Lakes has a lot of acid rain in it. This is because when chemicals from factories meet with the clouds it causes acid rain. If there is too much acid rain in the lake it can kill fish, and if there is too much acid rain falling from the sky it can kill trees. If you live in southern Canada then you will encounter the highest levels of acid rain. Most of the pollution that causes acid rain is actually coming from the US. The wind brings the pollution over to Canada and causes the pollution. Canada is trying to solve the issues of acidic rain by making factories that don't pollute the air. There is also being laws passed that states that cars can only produce a certain amount of air pollution. Also, they are encouraging people to take buses, ride bikes, or walk to more places. Since the Great Lakes are now so polluted, fishing is very unsafe and a lot of plants and animals are dying. So many animals are dying because of the pollution. Since fish live in water and the water is now killing them then the birds that eat them are also dying. This cycle could kill off many animals. The Canadian Shield is a large thin area of soil along the Hudson Bay. The Canadian Shield is very important to Canada's economy. This is because almost 1.5 million people get there livings through mining. The Canadian Shield contains a bunch of Canada's most valuable goods, which includes diamond, gold, silver, zinc, copper, and uranium. Because of the blasting and digging during the mining to consume all of these goods, the land and environment is being destroyed. When you are mining you are causing harmful chemicals to enter the air which can cause acid rain. Canada is a very big country and almost half of its land is covered in forests. So obviously, timber is a major resource for this country. But, the citizens of Canada are worried about the government taking down to many trees sand destroying forests. There are also many down sides to cutting down all of these trees. For starters, when they cut down all of these trees they are destroying animals habitats and is causing the animals to die. Also, it can cause erosion and reduce water quality. They are also clear cutting areas which means they are cutting down all of the trees in one area, which is what most companies do. Those are the three main environmental issues of Canada.

How does Canada's government work?

Canada has a federal government, but there is something unusual about it. In the Canadian government they practice the rule of the constitutional monarchy and the parliamentary democracy. Canada has a governor and a prime minister. The process by which the governor is chosen is they are appointed by the monarch on the advice by the prime minister and serves a term of 5 years. The prime minister is the leader of a major party in the House of Commons and is voted indirectly by the people. The citizens are aloud to vote ounce they become older than the age of 18 or the age of 18. Voting is not required by law but if the citizens do decide to vote then they would vote for people in the House of Commons which indirectly elects the prime minister. In the House of Commons there are members. The members are directly elected by the people. Members of the House of Commons serve for 5 years. In the Senate they have 105 members. The members of the Senate are not elected by the people and are able to serve till they are 75. That is how Canada's government works.