News from the PHS Counselors

December 2014

Your PHS student services office is an informational hub of academic, career, and personal/social support for students. We look forward to using new technology tools to communicate important information to families. Please keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter to stay current on important information!

What is the Flex-Mod Schedule?

If you have not yet heard, Pulaski High School is going to a new schedule next year! The schedule is called the Flex-Mod and is going to give students amazing opportunities that they could not take part in during a traditional 7-period day schedule. Here is the 9 minute video that was shown to students during a homeroom recently that explains the flex-mod structure. If you wish to skip the introduction fast forward to the 3:05 minute mark and the formal explanation will start there. This is an awesome opportunity for PHS students, we look forward to helping them transition into a new unique way of learning.

Registration for 2015-2016 classes will begin mid-January!

Sophomore Planning Conferences are Underway!

Counselors have been busy meeting with families of sophomores to complete their individual planning conferences. The purpose of the conference is to guide a family through post-secondary options. Topics include a transcript review/credit check, high school course selections, review of test scores, information related to ACT/SAT/Accuplacer testing, 2 year/4 year college options, military options and career information. Conferences are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays November-January. Sign onto Skyward, click on "Teacher Conferences" and sign up for a time that is convenient for you, or call 822-6725 to sign up!

How does your student learn?

Students often times get referred to their school counselor if they are struggling academically. There are a number of different reasons students struggle in school. Sometimes it stems from their lack of understanding about how they learn in relation to how a teacher teaches. Other times it is due to their struggle with processing and retaining information in certain subjects. To help with this, counselors try to help students understand their strengths through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. To help a student understand their dominant intelligence(s) as well as those they need to improve upon, they can take this short Multiple Intelligences Quiz. In addition to understanding what their strengths are, understanding how they learn via a Learning Styles Inventory is helpful. Whether a student is an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner it is important for them to know how they learn best as well as how their instructor tends to teach. For example if a student is a visual learner and their teacher mainly lectures (auditory) it may be helpful for them to use tools like Khan Academy or YouTube to watch a video on the concept so they can retain it better!

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