Genius Hour Week 2, 3

September 28, October 7

We will brainstorm ideas for Genius Hour. I will work on my brainstorm packet.

Week Two: September 30, 2015

1. Project the 12 essential questions on the document camera. Have students answer them on notebook paper. I will have them write a paragraph about the progress they are making on their brainstorming. Both will be placed in their GH folder.

Week Three: October 7, 2015

2.This document will be given to each student. I have a folder for each student to store this in, but you can handle as needed. This is a brainstorm sheet to help them generate their essential question of what they are going to accomplish during genius hour.

*Ongoing: This sheet is for your records. I shared it in google doc. It is to check with each student to find out what they are thinking of doing and whether they want to do it as partners or alone. You must approve all projects.